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Michael Monroe Forced To Queue For Own Gig

Wednesday, April 20th 2011 01:00

Former Hanoi Rocks frontman forgets his pass

Monroe was an hour away from taking to the stage in Glasgow last weekend when he turned up without his pass.

Rock News Desk reports that instead of throwing a rock star tantrum, he simply set off round to the front door, to queue up with his fans.

RockAAA reporter Eric Mackinnon witnessed the entire proceedings after sharing a cab with Monroe following a private concert for a small local radio station.

The gossip site journalist tells Rock News Desk: "We reached the stage door with less than an hour until Michael's headline appearance, where we were met by a door steward eating a sandwich.

"She asked if we had any passes. We didn't, but I explained this was Michael. She wasn't for budging – even when we produced a CD cover with his name and face on it. She told us we'd have to go to the main entrance.

"You'd expect the typical rock-star ego to kick in with the ‘Do you know who I am?' line. But Michael didn't chuck his toys out the pram.

"Instead, he graciously turned on his heels and headed round to the main entrance to join the queue."

(Rock News Desk)

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