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Kiss Lauch American Football Team "LA Kiss"

Tuesday, August 20th 2013 12:30

They've slapped their name on everything from condoms to coffins, so why not a football team?

Like Bon Jovi before them, the band have now become part owners of an Arena Football League team in California.

"LA Kiss", who will begin playing in March 2014, will be the first Los Angeles-based football team since The Rams and The Raiders left the city after the 1994 NFL season.

While it is currently unknown if the team will wear make up, Gene Simmons has said that they will definitely be bringing some elements of the band's famous showmanship to the football field:

"It's exciting beyond anything that we've thought about before, to be given the privilege of really starting out bringing the amount of showmanship we brought to a rock band called Kiss. It's going to be that kind of in-your-face entertainment, whether you're a football fan or not."

The band will also be performing at the halftime show of the league's championship game, Arena Bowl XXVI.
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