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Hendrix Is A Real Pin Up

Thursday, January 26th 2012 10:00

Fan creates art piece using thousands of thumbtacks

More than 2000 thumbtacks were used to create the art and he's also created pictures of Kanye West, Barack Obama and Jay-Z 

On his website the artist said of his Hendrix piece: "I chose Jimi Hendrix as my next icon because during his time Jimi was bit of an outlier within the black community: he looked like "us” but sounded like "them”. He was revolutionizing an artwork while polarizing himself from what was deemed "black music”. Expression is expression and art is art. Let's always reward those that can create new patterns within the world, especially while looking like "us.”"

A percentage of many of Mr Woolery's pieces go to good causes including the Harlem School of Arts in an effort to give back to underprivileged communities and to support the arts.

You can explore (and buy) his work HERE 


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