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Hamburg Beatles Museum To Close

Thursday, June 7th 2012 12:15

A lack of interest scuppers the five storey Beatlemania musem

The museum was opened in May 2009 but will apparently be shut at the end of June due to a lack of interest. 

It apparently featured more than 1,000 pieces of memorabilia on display and it's located in the same area where the Beatles played live shows in the early 60s.

Speaking to German newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost, manager Folkert Koopmanns said "In view of the high deficits, there is no solution left but closure, if you want to act responsibly. A privately-run museum as big as Beatlemania is condemned to fail without public support. That's a fact that we fought against until enthusiasm turned into resignation – a bitter experience."

He added: "We had many hopes and wishes, unfortunately, only some of them were fulfilled in the city which John Lennon used to say he became an adult."

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