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Free Pondered Kossoff Hologram

Tuesday, May 15th 2012 14:00

Andy Fraser says that they explored several options for a possible reunion

Fraser tells Classic Rock Magazine that the surviving members of Free were approached to play at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and one option they considered was using a hologram to replicate guitarist Paul Kossoff, who died in 1976.

"I always figured we would re-marry our ex-wives before getting back together. But the event was such that I felt I should put aside my personal demons,” explained Fraser. "We considered many guitarists. I suggested Mark Knopfler, Ron Wood, Dave Gilmour. I was looking into a Kossoff hologram by the Tupac people, so we would actually be playing with his track.”

Ultimately, Fraser says, the talks didn’t pan out. "The million-dollar price tag didn’t go down too well with others — or suggestions about guitarists,” he admitted. "I don’t see it coming together now.”

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