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Former Clash Bassist Jailed In Greenland

Wednesday, November 16th 2011 11:00

Paul Simonon says that he was jailed for two weeks after an undercover Greenpeace operation

Simonon was a part of the crew on the Greenpeace vessel MV Esperanza in June, working under an assumed name as an assistant cook on the ship.

He was one of 18 activists held by police in Greenland in June after storming the Leiv Eriksson oil rig in speedboats to demonstrate against the rig after calling on its parent company to reveal its contingency plans in the event of an oil spill disaster.

He was subsequently jailed for two weeks.

He had approached Greenpeace weeks before the mission, the campaign group told the Guardian. Frank Heweston, the UK's action coordinator agreed providing he went undercover.

Martti Leinonen, one of the ship's crew, said Simonon was a "quiet, humble and funny guy" and made "excellent vegetarian food."

Watch Simonon talking about the experience below:

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