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Foreigner's Mick Jones Returns To Touring

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012 13:00

The guitarist suffered a heart attack in February

Jones was speaking at the premiere of the Led Zeppelin movie Celebration Day and he revealed that he was taking his recovery slowly.

He told Artisan News that "I’m feeling well - I just did a show a couple weeks ago in Atlanta.”

He continued, "I’m just working my way back in, making sure I’m healthy enough, but I’m feeling good; everything’s sort of behind me now.”

Jones went on to describe his return to the stage as "really emotional,” explaining, "That’s never happened to me before; I never missed a show in my life. The band is so good, though, I wanted to keep it going - I could not let go of it. They held it together, and just getting back to the guys was wonderful - everybody was very supportive.”

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