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Farewell to the Motley Crue?

Monday, April 22nd 2013 13:45

Vince Neil says time is up for the band.

Ahead of their new tour, Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has said that the time may be nearing for the band to call it quits.

"We're going to put out some new music next year and then it's our farewell tour - we'll do the world one more time and then call it a day" said the singer, adding that the farewell tour would be in 2014 or '15.

There can be no question of the group's commercial success, having moved more than 80 million records and 30 years under their belts, but Vince insists, as a group, they have done their time together.

"It's time, that's really it. Do you want to go out on top rather than fading away? And that's it. You know, I'll continue to sing Motley with my solo band and put out solo records and stuff and Nikki (Sixx)'s got his radio show and (drummer) Tommy (Lee) wants to be a DJ, and so we'll see what happens."

Do you think the end is nigh for Motley Crue?


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