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Eddie Vedder Talks New Album

Wednesday, June 1st 2011 01:00

Frontman also reveals that Pearl Jam's new album is coming together quickly

In an interview with Rolling Stone Vedder revealed the inspiration behind his new solo album (Ukelele Songs - out this week) and spoke a little about Pearl Jam's current activities.

Vedder's decision to record an album of songs recorded almost exclusively on the ukelele may be a little surprising, but that was perhaps because the album was never supposed to be released.

"The ukulele thing started as a writing exercise that I thought would be kept to myself," he told Rolling Stone. "I've been kind of collecting songs over the past 10 years, and it wasn't till the last few that I thought of maybe putting this stuff in an album. It's not really my solo rec­ord – it's the uke's solo record. I was just there to guide it.

"I just wanted it to be the one sound. At first it was kind of a joke, and then it became a little bit of a challenge, a puzzle, to see if I could create 11 or 12 songs with just a ukulele. It's like painting with one color. You can ­really appreciate the subtleties and changes in tone."

The album will precede a solo tour ("It makes you really appreciate being in a group and just being able to ride with no hands every once in a while"), a couple of huge shows with Pearl Jam and then a brand new PJ studio album - which is apparently coming together much faster than expected.

"I don't want to jinx it," he revealed from a Los Angeles studio where Pearl Jam are recording their 10th studio album. "But it's on!"

(Rolling Stone)

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