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Cult Frontman Hints At Hip Hop Side Project

Friday, May 18th 2012 11:30

Ian Astbury says that he has a project in the works that will surprise everyone

Astbury revealed in an interview with Explore Music (via Classic Rock Magazine) that he was working on a new project with an as yet unnamed hip-hop artist, and although he wouldn't let on who the person was he hinted that it would be someone big "Let’s say he’s a real illuminati of the hip-hop community. If we pull this off it’ll be a big shock.”

Meanwhile, Astbury has also revealed how he was persuaded to ditch his Capsule project, which saw The Cult release a couple of new songs every few months.

"I was saying ‘no,’” Astbury recalls. "The audience were saying, ‘We want more.’ The manager was saying, ‘We’re getting a lot of heat for an album.’ Labels were banging on the door: ‘We think there’s an album here.’

"I’m going, ‘What about the capsules?’ They’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s great, but we want to make an album.’ Everyone was looking at me. I was the hold-out and I held out to the very, very end. And I just capitulated.”

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