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Budgie's Bandolier App

Tuesday, December 20th 2011 09:30

No jokes about Angry Birds please

This app tells the story of the making of the Bandolier album – in bass player, singer and founding member Burke Shelley’s own words. Based on an interview recorded in 2009, the app includes comprehensive audio of Shelley describing how Bandolier was recorded – including his comments on each of the album’s tracks.

As well as featuring Burke Shelley’s comments, the app’s text also includes cameos from guitarist Tony Bourge and drummer Steve Williams. In fact, Williams provides full details of the drum kit he used on the album.

Find out who inspired Shelley’s singing on Napoleon, what Shelley initially thought of I Ain’t No Mountain when it was suggested by the record company, why Williams sold his drum kit soon after the album was recorded, and which song Bourge suggested the lyrical theme for.

This app features the following pages:
- Band members
- Recording the album
- Album tracks, plus a page for each individual track
- Album title
- Album cover
- Chart position
- Album reviews
- Photo gallery
- Links

You can get the app from the Apple Store right now for FREE

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