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Black Keys Won't Sell Out

Tuesday, December 6th 2011 10:45

The band turned down £200k to use their song in an advert

Music News reports that the band were speaking to Canadian radio station Studio Q when they revealed that they were offered £200,000 to license their music to a mayonnaise company for an advert but they turned it down. 

Pat Carney admits that at the time, "We had, maybe, $2000 in our checking account". They and their manager at the time worried about it not being a 'good look' to accept the deal.

Dan Auerbach says he regretted that they worried about what people would think of them.

"The reason why we turned it down was, look, our parents are middle-class, they live in Akron [Ohio], they work all year long," he said, "Dan's mum is a school teacher, my dad works at a newspaper, they work all year long, they work their asses off. They got upset with us when we told them we didn't take the money. Coz it's crazy."

Meanwhile, the band have added a third date to their run of shows at London's Alexandra Palace. 

Tickets are on sale below.

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