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Alice Cooper Honoured at Wembley

Wednesday, October 24th 2012 04:30

Rock legend inducted into Square of Fame

Alice Cooper has been honoured by being given a place in the Square of Fame at Wembley Stadium. He has performed there for each of the last five decades, including his first ever gig in Britain. 

The iconic venue is, according to the singer, "where it all started."

"Wembley is the place we played first in England. They had just tried to ban us so everyone wanted to come and see us and the place was a sell out. Everything people had heard had been exaggerated so there were so many urban legends about the show, but we didn't disappoint."

Cooper is performing there this Sunday, but details of the show are currently a closely guarded secret. However, he has revealed that there will be tributes to members of his drinking society "The Hollywood Vampires", which in the 1970s was compiled of famous male rock stars such as Jimmy Hendrix and John Lennon. Cooper and his band have never performed covers before, but will pay musical homage to former members of the group. 

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