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3/4 Of Talking Heads Raring To Go

Wednesday, February 15th 2012 10:00

But they're waiting for the nod from David Byrne

In a new interview drummer Chris Frantz revealed that he is hoping for a phone call from band leader Byrne which will put the Talking Heads back on the road.

He said that he has "tons of feelings, both positive and kind of sad, but mostly positive." And, he adds, "It also makes me think, like, whose idea was it to stop this band anyway?"
That issue, of course, has been well-chronicled, and Frantz says he hasn't broached any reunion talk with frontman David Byrne "since shortly after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thing (in 2002), when I said, 'This is so much fun, why don't we continue with this a little bit?' I was kind of met with, shall we say, a lot of resistance, and sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone. We all hope David will one day wake up and say, 'Boy, I should call Chris and Tina (Weymouth, Frantz's wife) and Jerry (Harrison)...' That's the only way anything will happen."

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