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High and Mighty

Track List

  1. One Way or Another
  2. Weep in Silence
  3. Misty Eyes
  4. Midnight
  5. Can't Keep a Good Band Down
  6. Woman of the World
  7. Footprints in the Snow
  8. Can't Stop Singing
  9. Make a Little Love
  10. Confession
  11. Name of the Game (out-take)
  12. Sundown (alternative version)
  13. Weep in Silence (extended version)
  14. Name of the Game (Ken Hensley demo version)
  15. Does Anything Matter (Ken Hensley demo version)
  16. I Close My Eyes (Ken Hensley demo version)
  17. Take Care (Ken Hensley demo version)
  18. Can't Keep a Good Band Down (edited version)

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