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Laughing on Judgement Day

Track List

  1. Does It Feel Like Love?
  2. Everybody Wants Her
  3. Low Life in High Places
  4. Laughing on Judgement Day
  5. Empty City
  6. Today the World Stopped Turning
  7. Long Way From Home
  8. Fire to Ice
  9. Feeding the Flame
  10. A Better Man
  11. The Moment of Truth
  12. Flawed to Perfection
  13. Like a Satellite
  14. Baby I'll Be Gone
  15. She's My Inspiration
  16. With a Little Help From My Friends
  17. Low Life in High Places (demo)
  18. Everybody Wants Her (radio edit)
  19. Dirty Love (acoustic version)
  20. Higher Ground (acoustic version)
  21. Like a Satellite (live)
  22. Gimme Shelter
  23. The Damage Is Done
  24. Higher Ground (live)
  25. Lazy Sunday Afternoon (live)
  26. Bigger Than Both of Us
  27. Dangerous Rhythm
  28. Everybody Wants Her (Preacher Fade)
  29. New York, New York: Harry's Theme (live)

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