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The Hero and the Madman

Track List

  1. Little Girl in Bloom
  2. Chatting Today
  3. Randolph's Tango
  4. Remembering, Part 2 (New Day)
  5. A Song for While I'm Away
  6. Gonna Creep Up on You
  7. Baby Face
  8. Brought Down
  9. Honesty Is No Excuse
  10. Clifton Grange Hotel
  11. The Hero and the Madman
  12. Things Ain't Working Out Down on the Farm
  13. Diddy Levine
  14. I Don't Want to Forget How to Jive
  15. Ray-Gun
  16. Call the Police
  17. Slow Blues
  18. The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle

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