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Fisherman's Blues

Track List

  1. Fisherman's Blues
  2. We Will Not Be Lovers
  3. Strange Boat
  4. World Party
  5. Sweet Thing
  6. Jimmy Hickey's Waltz
  7. And a Bang on the Ear
  8. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
  9. When Will We Be Married?
  10. When Ye Go Away
  11. Dunford's Fancy
  12. The Stolen Child
  13. This Land Is Your Land
  14. Carolan's Welcome
  15. Killing My Heart
  16. You in the Sky
  17. When Will We Be Married?
  18. Nobody 'Cept You
  19. Fisherman's Blues
  20. Girl of the North Country
  21. Lonesome and a Long Way From Home
  22. If I Can't Have You
  23. Rattle My Bones and Shiver My Soul
  24. Let Me Feel Holy Again
  25. Meet Me at the Station
  26. The Good Ship Sirius
  27. Soon as I Get Home

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