Ammonia Avenue

Track List

  1. Prime Time
  2. Let Me Go Home
  3. One Good Reason
  4. Since the Last Goodbye
  5. Don't Answer Me
  6. Dancing on a Highwire
  7. You Don't Believe
  8. Pipeline
  9. Ammonia Avenue
  10. Don't Answer Me (Early Rough mix)
  11. You Don't Believe (demo)
  12. Since the Last Goodbye (Chris Rainbow vocal Overdubs)
  13. Since the Last Goodbye (Eric Guide vocal - Rough mix)
  14. You Don't Believe (instrumental Tribute to the Shadows)
  15. Dancing on a Highwire / Spotlight (Work in Progress)
  16. Ammonia Avenue Part (Eric demo vocal - Rough mix)
  17. Ammonia Avenue (orchestral Overdub)

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