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Crack a Smile... and More!

Track List

  1. Best Thing You Ever Had
  2. Shut Up, Make Love
  3. Baby Gets Around a Bit
  4. Cover of the Rolling Stone
  5. Be the One
  6. Mr. Smiley
  7. Sexual Thing
  8. Lay Your Body Down
  9. No Ring, No Gets
  10. That's the Way I Like It
  11. Tragically Unhip
  12. Doin' as I Seen on My TV
  13. One More for the Bone
  14. Set You Free
  15. Crack a Smile (demo)
  16. Face the Hangman
  17. Your Mama Don't Dance (MTV Unplugged)
  18. Every Rose Has Its Thorn (MTV Unplugged)
  19. Unskinny Bop (MTV Unplugged)
  20. Talk Dirty to Me (MTV Unplugged)

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