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Fork in the Road

Track List

  1. When Worlds Collide
  2. Fuel Line
  3. Just Singing a Song
  4. Johnny Magic
  5. Cough Up the Bucks
  6. Get Behind the Wheel
  7. Off the Road
  8. Hit the Road
  9. Light a Candle
  10. Fork in the Road
  11. When Worlds Collide
  12. Fuel Line
  13. Just Singing a Song
  14. Johnny Magic
  15. Cough Up the Bucks
  16. Get Behind the Wheel
  17. Off the Road
  18. Hit the Road
  19. Light a Candle
  20. Fork in the Road
  21. Fork in the Road (live)
  22. Just Singing a Song (live)
  23. Light a Candle (live)
  24. A Day In The Life live concert video (live)

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