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Magic and Loss

Track List

  1. Dorita (The Spirit)
  2. What's Good (The Thesis)
  3. Power and Glory (The Situation)
  4. Magician (Internally)
  5. Sword of Damocles (Externally)
  6. Goodby Mass (In a Chapel Bodily Termination)
  7. Cremation (Ashes to Ashes)
  8. Dreamin' (Escape)
  9. No Chance (Regret)
  10. Warrior King (Revenge)
  11. Harry's Circumcision (Reverie Gone Astray)
  12. Gassed and Stoked (Loss)
  13. Power and Glory, Part II (Magic Transformation)
  14. Magic and Loss (The Summation)

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