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Rebel Rebel

Track List

  1. Fly Away (Taratata TV Show)
  2. Mama Said (Jools Holland Show)
  3. If You Can't Say No (Jools Holland Show)
  4. I Belong to You (Bravo TV Show)
  5. Are You Gonna Go My Way (Bravo TV Show)
  6. Fly Away (live acoustic Kndd)
  7. Believe (live acoustic Kndd)
  8. Fly Away (Echo Music Award)
  9. Rebel Rebel (Vh1 Fashion Award)
  10. Without You
  11. Billy Jack
  12. Rock'n Roll Is Dead (live From David Letterman Show)
  13. Like Father and Son (From Aida)
  14. Circus (acoustic version)
  15. Cold Turkey
  16. Can't Get of My Mind (live version)

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