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Fear of the Dark

Track List

  1. Be Quick or Be Dead
  2. From Here to Eternity
  3. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
  4. Fear Is the Key
  5. Childhood's End
  6. Wasting Love
  7. The Fugitive
  8. Chains of Misery
  9. The Apparition
  10. Judas Be My Guide
  11. Weekend Warrior
  12. Fear of the Dark
  13. Nodding Donkey Blues
  14. Space Station No. 5 / Bayswater Ain't a Bad Place to Be
  15. Roll Over Vic Vella
  16. I Can't See My Feelings
  17. No Prayer for the Dying (live)
  18. Public Enema Number One (live)
  19. Hooks in You (live)

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