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Original Sin

Track List

  1. Drum Opera
  2. Mediate (feat. Tricky)
  3. Original Sin (feat. Rob Thomas & DJ Yaleidys)
  4. Never Tear Us Apart (feat. Ben Harper & Mylène Farmer)
  5. Beautiful Girl (feat. Pat Monahan)
  6. New Sensation (feat. Deborah de Corral)
  7. Just Keep Walking (feat. Dan Sultan)
  8. Mystify (feat. Loane)
  9. To Look at You (feat. Kav Temperley)
  10. Kick (feat. Nikka Costa)
  11. Don't Change
  12. The Stairs (feat. JD Fortune)
  13. Love Is (What I Say) (feat. JD Fortune)
  14. Never Tear Us Apart (orchestral instrumental)

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