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Sunsets on Empire

Track List

  1. The Perception of Johnny Punter
  2. Goldfish & Clowns
  3. Change of Heart
  4. What Colour is God?
  5. Tara
  6. Jungle Ride
  7. Worm in a Bottle
  8. Brother 52
  9. Sunsets on Empire
  10. Say It With Flowers
  11. The Themes Behind Sunsets on Empire, Personal Factors, The Yin & Yang World Tour, Global Issues, Characters on the Album, Dawn to Dusk
  12. The Concept Running Through the New Album, Comparison With Marillion and Previous Solo Albums
  13. The Album Title, Inspiration From a Dream, CNN, School Maps, Hollywood History, Vietnam, The Net, Mark Wilkinson's Artwork
  14. Bosnia, Forgotten Sons and The Falklands War, Phone Calls From the Front, Spike Milligan, Bosnia's Scenic Beauty
  15. Writing the Album, Working With Steve Wilson, Porcupine Tree and NoMan, Band Problems
  16. Musical Styles, The Fan Base, "Movies for People's Ears", Dramatic Vocals, Cinemascope Production Techniques
  17. The Recording Process, Instruments Used, Working With Calum Malcolm and Avril MacKintosh, Mastering the Album
  18. The Perception of Johnny Punter, Lenny Bruce, Influence of Bosnia v. Croatia
  19. Goldfish & Clowns, Fairground Images, "The Shows", Marital Problems
  20. Change of heart, Looking at Relationships, Glory in Defeat, Scottish World Cup Dreams
  21. Change of Heart, Classic Pop Songs, Kayleigh, Declaring Love in Black and White
  22. What Colour is God?, Malcolm X, Talking to Tara, St. Lucia, Racial Stereotyping
  23. Tara, Sowetto and Brazil, Growing Up in the Sunsets World, Fairy Tale Versus Reality, Another Sunrise
  24. Jungle Ride, Beat Poetry, The Fastest Ride in the Fairground, The Watering Hole, The Epitome of Sex
  25. Worm in a Bottle, The Sad Man's Happy Birthday Song, Drinking the Dregs and Crunching the Mezcal Worm
  26. Brother 52, Grooves and Loops, Doc's Story
  27. The Video Shoot, Working with Duncan of Jordanstone College, Bim's Tattoo Studio, First Live Tattoo in a Video
  28. Sunsets on Empire, "Join the Dots" Lyrics, Night of the Big Awakening
  29. Say it with Flowers, Sick Lullabies, Short Red Roses, Problems During Mixing

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