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The Charming Factor Extended

Track List

  1. Golden Glass
  2. Crowded Room
  3. Major Philosopher
  4. Something Different
  5. Slightest Wave
  6. Texture
  7. When I Know You're Gone
  8. Shout
  9. Stand Me Relentless
  10. End Result
  11. She's Left In Silence
  12. Crowded Room (Agoraphobia Mix) by Blank
  13. Crowded Room (Goa Mix) bu Null Device
  14. Major Philosopher (Hybrid Mix) by Neuroactive
  15. Major Philosopher (Island Mix) by Blind Faith and Envy
  16. Golden Glass (Stochastic Theory Remix) by Stochastic Theory
  17. I Waited For You
  18. Colorful Plenty Of Fools

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